Why Do Fridges Have Wi-Fi? Gimmick Or Life Changing?

All smart fridges come with a Wi-Fi connection, but what does that mean? Is it just a gimmick or is it life changing? We will explore the benefits of having your phone connected to your fridge and whether wi-fi smart fridges are worth the money. Keep reading for more information about smart fridges!

So, Why do fridges have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is an important feature found in Smart Fridges. It connects your fridge to all of your smart devices and makes communication between them easy! This allows for push notifications to be sent to your phone with information directly from the fridge.

Warnings can pop up on your phone to let you know you’ve left the fridge door open, or when you’re running low on certain foods. You will never have to worry about forgetting milk again since you will know which items need to be purchased next time you are at the grocery store. All of this is done over the internet so it must be connected to the Wi-Fi to work properly.

Are smart fridges easy to setup?

We are not going to lie, smart fridges can be a bit tricky at first. The good news is that smart fridge companies have made it super easy and will walk you through the entire process of having your phone connected wirelessly to your new smart refrigerator!

Here’s a rough guide on how to get connected once your fridge is installed:

– Plug in fridge into a power outlet

– Follow the on screen instructions on the smart fridge

– Download and install your smart home app from either Apple or Android store

– Follow instructions on how to connect to Wi-Fi (it should be a simple process)

You will have your smart phone connected wirelessly to your new smart refrigerator in no time!

What are the benefits of a smart fridge?

  • Having access to smart features on your fridge such as a barcode scanner which will allow you to scan and purchase items from the fridge for delivery or collection from your local store or online retailers.
  • You can see any notifications or messages that are sent over Wi-Fi straight in the app! This is perfect for when you need milk because it shows what’s running low so you know which items to purchase next time you’re at the grocery store.
  • You’ll also get notifications to your phone for things like leaving the fridge door open or if you’re running low on ice.
  • You can control the temperature, door lock and ice machine settings from your smart phone.

Is a Smart Fridge a Gimmick / Fad?

There are many useful features of a smart fridge, yet some are probably designed to be features you wouldn’t use often and serve as a quick party trick for friends and family.

For example, we doubt you’re going to watch TV in the fridge door. The option to play music is nice, but don’t expect anything with bass or true depth when its coming from a fridge.

If my smart fridge has no screen, is it still a smart fridge?

Yes, there are many other smart features that work without the use of a fancy and expensive screen built into the door. You might have seen a smart fridge without a screen and questioned “Why do fridges have Wi-Fi?“.

The fridge can still hook up to the internet and connect to your phone for the notifications and useful stuff that these kind of appliances are actually used for. Many might have a small control panel screen to give you basic features during the setup of the Wi-Fi but everything else can be controlled from a mobile app.

Would you recommend a smart fridge?

If budget isn’t a word in your daily vocabulary, sure, why not. For everyone else though I’d probably avoid and suggest a ‘Dumb Fridge’ or ‘Normal Fridge’.

Smart fridge technology may sound futuristic, but you’ll find things like the Wi-Fi and tech specs behind the glossy panels and built in screens, just isnt up to todays standard. It might be eventually, but for now smart fridges always seem to be behind on tech.

Security and Technology

When it comes to technology, support is only available for a certain amount of time. Take phones for example, most smart phones come with 2-3 years of updates and support to keep them secure and working as intended.

When it comes to fridges, what happens when the tech isn’t supported after 2-3 years, and the security updates stop coming in? All of a sudden you’ve got a fridge with a microphone, camera and access to your Wi-Fi, that could potentially be silently hijacked by the internet underworld type characters.

If you really want smart fridge features, you can have them.

You don’t need a fridge with cameras and microphones that costs $5,000 just to order a few bottles of milk and some eggs when you run low.

If you have a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo, you can connect it to your amazon Fresh account and simply ask Alexa to order your groceries and household items straight to your home without the need for card information and checkouts.

If you don’t know what Amazon Fresh is, you can browse HERE and take a look at the future of grocery shopping. You can order everything from your milk and eggs, to your steak and washing tablets. Find meal ideas and add all the recipe ingredients in seconds.


We hope that clears up why fridges have Wi-Fi and the basics of smart fridges. We love to hear you opinion, so let us know, are smart fridges an expensive party trick or do they deserve a place in the world?

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