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So, you need a fridge for your dorm room, but where do you start?

For the first 2 weeks of college, I had no fridge at all. I remember this so clearly because I was drinking warm energy drinks on hot summer days whilst trying to finish my work – Absolutely would not recommend, and I still don’t know why nobody told me that a fridge would be a vital dorm room appliance.

Choosing the right fridge for your dorm room can be a boring, complicated and daunting process. There are many different brands and styles to choose from, so it is important to know what you need before making this decision. This blog post will outline some of the qualities that you should look for when choosing a refrigerator, based from personal experience.

If you don’t have the time to read, I’ve put together a quick summary below of my top picks for the best dorm room fridges. If you DO have 5 minutes, I’d advise to read on for the full reasons why I selected each fridge to be included in the lists.

Broken down in to categories, starting with…

Best Overall Fridges For Dorm Rooms:

Best Mini Fridges For Dorm Rooms:

The Best Overall category focuses on the best value for your money, so that you can pick a quality fridge that will last you throughout your time at college without any major issues.

You’ll probably develop a deep human-to-fridge connection over the years, sticker-bomb the hell out of it and bring it back home with you.

The mini-fridges category is a list of actual MINI fridges, not just small fridges. Some people only want a mini fridge for a few drinks in the dorm room whilst they work. They cost the bare minimum to run and take up very little space.

Best Overall

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

The crown for the best overall fridge for dorm rooms goes to… The Midea 3.1 Cu.Ft Compact Fridge. This work horse of a fridge has racked up almost 4,000 reviews on amazon averaging around 4.5 starts, and its easy to see why.

The price is solid, we cannot complain at all. It varies for each colour on Amazon, depending on levels of stock available at the time. Normally for a price like this, you’d begin to question quality over the long run, but Midea is a trustworthy brand with plenty of reviews to back it up.

Its energy rated, costing on average just $32 to run for the year, consuming 270kWh with general usage. For a fridge freezer, this really is fantastic. We could talk about the Midea all day, but lets get to the pro’s and cons


  • Great price on Amazon
  • Very low energy use, only $32 for the year on average
  • Nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon at time of writing
  • Plenty of storage in both freezer and fridge compartments


  • Can area in the door takes some getting used to
  • Variation in price depending on color


Galanz GLR31TBKER Retro Compact Fridge

We’ve covered this Retro Fridge before on other lists, and its become a bit of a favourite for the UltimateFridges team. Honestly when it comes to dorm rooms, there is not much more you need than the Galanz 3.1 Cu.Ft fridge.

It has more than enough room for food in both the fridge and freezer sections, split into just under 1 cubic foot in the freezer and just over 2 cubic foot in the fridge area. Its energy star rated which means your bills won’t be too high, costing on average around $42 for the whole year and using 357kWh.

Dorm rooms are hardly the most exciting places to be, so the Galanz Retro style definitely adds a bit of character to the place. Its available in 5 different colours, black & white options are both solid but the red is a genuine statement piece that looks great in real life.

Galanz stand by their product too, and advise that all their products are life tested based on a minimum of 5 years continuous use including the door operation. Lets take a quick look at the pros and cons:


  • Plenty of fridge and freezer space
  • Energy star rated
  • Cool retro style with chrome handles
  • Highly rated in reviews on Amazon


  • Might struggle with large drink bottles


Euhomy 3.2Cu.Ft Fridge with Freezer

Very similar to the Midea fridge, but with a slightly better design. Costing around the same to run yearly ($43 using 358kWh) and coming in around the same size and weight.

Both the freezer and fridge door are reversible, meaning that the hinge can be swapped left or right to open whichever way suits your room layout best. It also has adjustable feet to keep it level un slightly uneven flooring.

The freezer in this fridge is the biggest in all 3, with a whopping 0.96Cu.Ft storage space packed into the top area. One reviewer wrote “I can fit 10 frozen dinners and 8 pints or 4 half-gallons of ice cream in the freezer, plus a few small items on the door”

If you’ll be using the freezer more than the fridge, this might be the swaying factor for your decision over the Midea.


  • Huge freezer space
  • Low noise
  • Reversible door
  • Stylish design


  • Slightly more expensive than Midea fridge
  • Can storage in door can be tricky to get used to


Now moving on to the best mini fridges for dorm rooms. Mini fridges are not to be confused with ‘small fridges’ – A mini fridge is truly mini, used mainly for either cosmetics, a few cold cans/bottles or a bar of chocolate if that’s your thing. They are perfect for desktop use, hiding under your bed or storing next to your bed for a midnight snack/drink.

That being said, we have included a fridge somewhere in-between mini and small – It has proven to be a real winner with reviewers racking up 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

So without further delay, here are the top 3 picks:

Best MINI Fridges

CROWNFUL Mini Fridge, 10 Liter/12 Can

The Crownful truly deserves the crown for mini fridges, see what we did there?

Its a true mini fridge, although on the larger side, with a capacity of 10 Liters which can store around 12 cans. A lot of the reviews used it for makeup, but with this amount of space you could use it for just about anything.

Not only will this fridge keep your drinks and snacks cool, but it can be used to keep things warm like cups of coffee, using the cold/warm switch at the back. We would probably avoid this though as it will take a while to get cool again and you’d have to clear the fridge of anything before using the heat mode.

The mini fridge is full potable, so you can take it with you on journeys and charge in the car using the AC power adapter included in the box.

Like most mini fridges, it features a sleep mode so you can use next to your bed on the side table for a midnight drink or snack without a loud buzz keeping you awake at night.


  • Sleep mode for low noise overnight
  • Ability to use DC or AC power
  • Large capacity storage, up to 10 Liters


  • Might not reach desired cold temp compared to a slightly larger fridge


Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Fridge

Midea strikes again with another fantastic dorm room or bedroom choice. This compact fridge is slightly larger than the minis, but it means it can bring your food and drink down to really cold fridge temperatures. If you want your cans to be as cold as possible whilst you work on a summers day, you probably want to opt for the Midea.

It is quiet and very cheap to run just like a mini fridge should be but with all the added extra space. 1.6 Cubic Foot of space to be precise. On average it costs this energy star rated fridge around $26 to run using 217kWh.

This fridge can fit under a desk, on top of a desk if space allows, and quite possibly under your bed it its raised up slightly.


Cheap to run

Plenty of room for drinks and snacks

Cooling capacity of a large fridge


If you only need a mini drinks fridge, this might be too big


The College Dorm Room Fridge Guide

Space is tight in dorm rooms, but you’ll need to find somewhere for a fridge otherwise you’ll be drinking warm drinks and ordering takeout every night…

So lets look at the best spots to store your fridge in a college dorm room, starting with the most popular

Under the Bed

Storing your fridge under the bed is an efficient way of maximising your room space. If you have a raised bed, this is the obvious place for your fridge.

It might take up a lot of floor space, but the positives are worth it. A fridge under your bed means you’ll never need to order takeout again as its always there in case you want a midnight snack or drink.

Desk Space

A mini fridge on top of your desk can be an efficient way of storing drinks and snacks when working for long hours at a stretch.

Its not the most attractive thing to look at, but its a space saving option and you’ll be able to keep your drinks cold whilst working on essays or doing assignments that require long hours of concentration.

Drawer Space

You can store mini fridges in drawers for quick access if need be, perfect for when you’re in a rush.

This is an efficient way of storing drinks and snacks, but it might not be as accessible for when you’re in the mood for food

Rear Bed Side Space

A mini fridge on the side table/nightstand at your bed could come in handy if there’s no room elsewhere or to save some floor space. This is perfect for a midnight snack, but an obvious con is that you might be disturbed by the noise of your fridge buzzing when it becomes too cold.

Optional Extras That Make Life Easy

Some fridges won’t come with wheels, which make moving it in and out of its living place can be hard work. A simple solution is a fridge stand with wheels – You only have to life the fridge onto the base once and you’ll have the ability to freely move it into different spots or pull it out from under the bed when you need to clean/defrost it.

We recommend the mobile base by American Hawks which we’ve listed below available on It can be adjusted in size depending on how big the fridge is, and comes with anti vibration pads to reduce any noise.

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