The Best Fridge for a Garage – Top 3

Having an extra fridge in the garage is a must for most households now, when space in the kitchen might not allow for a huge fridge, or if you simply don’t want to fill up the entire food section with cans of beer! Most people have fridges in the garage for extra storage, although some readers might just want access to a fridge if they work out of their garage often enough.

Whatever your purpose, we’ve filtered through products and hundreds of reviews, to bring you the top 3 best fridges for the garage.

IMPORTANT – Before we get stuck in to the top 3 list, we need to discuss the common and overlooked issues people experience with storing a fridge in the garage. If you’re already aware and want to skip this, you can jump straight to the list here, or take a look at our quick recommendations below

Can You Keep a Fridge in a Cold Garage?

The simple answer to this question is… It depends. You’ll need a garage with an internal temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in order for your fridge to be effective at preserving the food inside.

You will start to run into issues if the temperature of the garage is anywhere close to freezing, then its starts to play around with the thermometer and can cause food in your fridge to freeze and food in your freezer to thaw out quickly when the temperature starts to rise again.

Don’t worry though, we’ll talk about the simple solutions to this problem in a moment.

Can You Keep a Fridge in a Hot Garage?

Too Hot + Dirty Air = Bad News

If your fridge freezer isn’t cooled and sealed properly then warm air will penetrate into the appliance from outside through cracks in seals, vents and door gaps which allows dirt particles on surfaces like concrete floors onto its inner surface. The warmer temperatures cause bacteria growth that results in bad smells coming from within.

You also run in to the issue of your fridge working like crazy, costing you a fortune in electricity bills and drastically reducing the life of the compressor.

Now we’ve talked about the issues, lets go through the solutions before we start talking about the best fridge for a garage.

The Solutions For Your Garage Fridge

During the Winter:

One option you have is insulation, its cheap and easy to install, as this is your garage so doesn’t have to be picture perfect – Unless your garage is already picture perfect, then you might want to think about hiring someone or learning how to insulate properly.

Your garage door is going to be the focus here, you’ll need to get this insulated with a decent reflective foam insulation kit. This will help you in those cold winter months, but the reflective element also keeps the extreme heat out during the summer.

Something like this NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Insulation Kit from Amazon is perfect for this, and will save you money and headache in the long run.


During the Summer:

This is where you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared, if the summers get HOT where you are. You don’t want your fridge compressor to die and have to throw away all the food that’s gone bad, plus repair the fridge. The reflective insulation will help you here, keeping the extra heat out, but it could still be too hot for the fridge – You might want to look at either installing a roof turbine vent, or a swamp cooler. Note that swamp coolers work best when the air is dry, if its already quite humid then avoid getting a swamp cooler.

This guy below explains a few other tips and tricks to keep your garage warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Now, lets move on to the best fridges for a garage in our top 3 list.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK32B Compact Refrigerator

Energy star rated, costing on average $26 per year to run, this Black+Decker compact fridge is perfect for the garage. Some reviews have even reported this fridge to be suitable for outdoor use in outdoor kitchen areas. We wouldn’t recommend using this outdoors though, however with our intro explanation in mind this fridge should have no problem surviving the seasons in your garage.

It has adjustable levelling legs for uneven garage floors, with a small freezer box located at the top of the fridge. With one temperature control inside the fridge, you should be able to adjust fore each season.

This fridge has 3.2 Cubic Foot capacity and 0.57 cu.ft in the foor storage too. It weighs around 50 pounds and is 32 Inches tall.


  • Compact, can be placed under garage worktop
  • Energy Star Rated – Very cheap to run just $26 yearly
  • Mini freezer at the top of the fridge


  • freezer unit is small, main use is for a fridge
  • Might not be enough room for large families


Galanz GLR10TS5F

Depending on how much space you need, this fridge freezer comes in 7.4Cu.Ft, 10 Cu.Ft and 12 Cu.Ft capacity.

Annual energy consumption is just 325 kWh with Energy Star rating.

This is where things get tricky, although many report that this fridge is fine in the garage, we run into the tech specs that state the fridge is not rated to operate below 50 degrees F or above 100 degrees F. If you have taken the steps to insulate your garage, or your garage doesnt get too cold anyway, then you should be fine just like many of the 100+ reviews on Amazon.

The reason why this fridge is included in the list, is because its from a highly rated brand, known for durability. For this price range, size and with a dedicated freezer drawer then the Galanz FLR10tS5F is one of your best options.


  • Affordable
  • Plenty of size with dedicated freezer compartment
  • From a highly rated brand
  • Very cheap to run


  • Not designed to be used in extreme temperatures, despite reviews saying its fine


The Danby is our only outdoor rated fridge, so should have no problem at all in the garage whatever the climate. The added benefit is that its also waterproof with caster wheels, so is not fully bound to the garage. Fancy a BBQ party with the family, why not easily wheel the fridge into the back garden for ice cold drinks all night long.

This fridge has been tested in tropical environments in temperatures of up to 109°F / 43°C and has a storage capacity of 124 Liters or 4.4 Cubic Feet.

Its energy star rated, so won’t cost you much to keep running. The only down side would be the lack of freezer department, but as discussed during the start of the article its probably best to have a separate fridge and freezer to keep the life of both appliances as healthy as possible during extreme weather.


  • Fully outdoor rate and waterproof
  • Can easily move from the garage into the garden on wheels.
  • Lockable door, if you wanted to keep alcohol away from minors


  • No freezer compartment
  • Basic design



So what is the best outdoor fridge for a garage?

Well, if durability is high on your list, then we’d reccomened the Danby Outdoor Fridge due to its outdoor rating and waterproof certification. It should be able to survive extreme climates and lasts you many years if well looked after. Its worth checking the fridge over for any signs of damage as soon as you receive it, so you can harness the power of Amazons customer support for an easy replacement.


The best overall garage fridge…

Is probably the Black+ Decker mini fridge, despite its lack of freezer. Black+Decker are a reliable and trustworthy brand, backed by Amazons customer support. You should have no issues with this fridge as they’re built to last and I personally reccomend this fridge based from my own usage. Its also the cheapest of all 3 options, so you have money left over to spend on insulation if needed.


Lets us know your thoughts on these top 3 picks for garage fridges in the comments below.

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