The Best Fridge for Energy Rating – Top 5

With energy prices constantly rising, energy rating of appliances is a big concern for many people. This article will give you the information you need to find the best energy rated fridges on the market today. We’ll break down how much energy an average fridge uses and how much this costs per day so that you can make an educated decision when buying your next appliance.

We’ve picked the top five fridges based on energy usage to take away the hassle of researching and running comparisons. Before we get started, its important to highlight a few things to keep in mind when picking your next fridge.

What is the average cost for a fridge?

The energy rating of a fridge will vary depending on the size, but an average energy-rated fridge uses about $0.21 or £0.15 per day in energy costs.

An estimated cost for this is:

$165/year or £118/year (cost to run one every year) x 0.28 kW = $44 or £31 + monthly electricity charges ($0.21/day or £0.15/day)

Note: If your energy usage varies from month to month and not a constant rate, this can increase or decrease based on how many days there are in any given month – so be sure to contact your energy provider before purchasing!

*The amount of electricity used by appliances will vary depending on various factors such as appliance size (kW), load factor (% loading time) and use pattern (continuous vs intermittent). The typical refrigerator uses between 0-0.28 kWh/kg for energy rating.

*This energy consumption is based on the assumption that a refrigerator operates at full capacity all of the time, even when it is not being loaded with food or drinks. This can increase energy usage by up to 20%!


What energy rating should you choose when picking a fridge?

Ideally, with modern fridges being a lot more efficient than they were 10 years ago, in the US you should be looking for anything that is certified by Energy Star. In the UK you should be looking for anything above C rating as a minimum. Choosing between A+, A+++, and A+++ depends on your budget – but remember each has its own specific requirements (like size!)

Fridge technology has evolved from just trying to keep your food & drink cool, some fridges are now wifi connected and can update you on the life of your produce. These kind of fridges obviously use more energy due to the technology inside them.

That being said, we’ve filtered through the best fridges for all budgets, focusing mainly on the energy rating.

Our Top Five Choices Are:

Galanz GLR12TBKEFR Refrigerator

Our top choice for full sized fridge freezers with the best energy rating has to be the Galanz 12.0 Cu ft. available in black, red, white and blue. This fridge is marked on Amazon as Climate Pledge Friendly which means its been awarded the certification for being one of the best of Energy Star certified products with the highest efficiency and maximum carbon reductions.

The main fridge area is 9.36 Cu.Ft and the top freezer compartment is 2.65 Cu.ft.

This fridge has a retro look and feel with all the modern technology built into it.

A slight variation of this model is also available with a 50/50 split of freezer and fridge space, check it out on Amazon Here


  •  Retro Design
  • Estimated Yearly Cost Just $37 / £26
  • Choice of colours
  • Dedicated can holders in fridge door


  • Only x2 shelves in freezer compartment
  • Design might not match your decor

Kenmore 25 cu. ft with Water and Ice Dispenser

Our pick for an efficient but larger double fridge has to be the Kenmore 25 Cu.Ft with the water and ice dispenser. If you have a larger kitchen and space for the double freezer, it might be best to opt for the Kenmore.

This fridge freezer has an estimated yearly energy cost of just $84 which is great for the size of this appliance.

A big winner for this double fridge is the water and ice options, you can pick between crushed and cubed ice with the option to lock the triggers when kids are around.

Gallon sized adjustable door bins give you plenty of room to buy the larger and cost effective jugs of milk/juice


  • Plenty of space with a total of 25 cubic feet.
  • Ice and water dispenser
  • Cheap to run


  • Large item, make sure you have enough room!
  • Can be louder than smaller fridges

TECCPO Mini Fridge

This compact mini fridge is another Energy Star awarded fridge usuing just 0.6kWh of electricity per day! This makes it the best small fridge for energy rating and costs on average just $0.07 per day.

The Teccpo fridge might be compact but it offers a generous capacity of 4.5 Cubic Feet. Perfect for under counter fridges, apartmens or dorm rooms etc.

Moving this fridge is easy thanks for the wheels built under the base of the fridge, making it easy to clean by pulling the fridge out from under the counter or into an open space.


  • Wheels on the base
  • Best fridge for energy rating costing just $0.07 per day
  • Quiet running just 37db
  • Comes with crisper draw


  • No freezer unit built in
  • Not as large as other fridges listed
  • Only available in black


Galanz 7.4 Cu.Ft Stainless Steel Look

Another fantastic fridge from Galanz with Energy Star and CSA rated certificates. Annual Energy consumption is just 350kwh, for this size is fantastic. It comes in a 7.4 Cubic Feet option, a 10 Cu.Ft and 12 Cu.Ft options too.

This fridge has both fridge and freezer options with great space in both areas. Perfect for college dorms or home bars.

Galanz is a trusted brand and they have lived up to their name again with this sleek and modern design. The temperature is adjustable from 32°f to 46.4°f, freezer compartment<=-0.4℉.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Energy Star and CSA ratings
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Basic design
  • Only one colour available


Galanz 3 French Door Refrigerator

Another big one from Galanz to rival the Kenmore double fridge freezer. This one has 3 doors, meaning even bigger refrigerator area and a separate freezer zone.

A sleek and modern design with an ice maker included inside the fridge, but no dispenser on the outside. This could be a plus or a negative depending how you look at it, due to the extra space gained within the door for storage where the dispenser would normally take place.

With both CSA& DOE Energy Star certificates, this fridge is high on the list of best energy rated refrigerators. Consuming on average around 572 kWh per year, this is great for a 16 cubic foot fridge with a large freezer – In fact the freezer itself is a whopping 5.06 Cubic Foot.

The built in Ice Maker in the upper freezer drawer can make 3lbs of cubed ice daily so you’ll always be ready for house parties and home celebrations.


  • Lots of space without the cost that normally comes with large appliances
  • Stylish design
  • Built in ice maker in freezer
  • x3 doors for easy access in to each section
  • Has casters/wheels on the bottom to help move it into place


  • No water/ice dispenser on the front of the fridge
  • Could be too big for some kitchens

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